Pavement Maintenance Supplies

Pavement Maintenance Supplies

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Pavement Maintenance Supplies
U-Crack Squeegee
“U” shaped squeegees are a long time industry favorite. Their design makes the blade work on its edge causing a stiff action. This allows the tool to better scrape off crack filter from the surface.
70324 - V-Crack Squeegee
“V” shaped squeegees are the most used style crack squeegees in our history to date. Their soft, easy to use design coupled with their ability to force crack filler down into a crack makes these tools a favorite.
Lumber Crayons
4-1/2" x 1/2" Lumber crayons available in the following colors:
  • #70308 - Yellow
  • #70309 - Blue
  • #70310 - Red
  • #70311 - White
Layout Chalk
4" x 1" Layout chalk available in white - #70306 (shown) and blue - #70307
70313P - Plastic Chalk Line Marker
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70304 - Lute/Rake
Extruded aluminum/magnesium alloy 36” blade with 6-ft. handle for spreading asphalt.
70305 - Tamper
High quality aluminum/magnesium alloy cast base with mark-free rounded corners 48” pipe handle.
70303 - Seal Coat Broom

For spreading seal coat over pavement to prepare surface for striping.

60300 - Pour Pot
Pour pot with legs, 3 gallon capacity, adjustable, reducible and removable pipe fitting nozzle for easy customizing and clean up.
Cold Pour Tack Coat
Rejuvenates and promotes adhesion. An asphalitic emulsion based tack coating designed for prime or tack coat on any asphalitic surface. Available in the following sizes:
  • #60104 -  5 gal. Size
  • #60105 - 55 - gal.Size
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